1. Practice english seriously and continuously.
  2. Study more about Public Relation issues and the case of Oil Company.
  3. Raising My GPA to 3.70 (it was 3.58).
  4. Make a sharing savings with Putu Eka Jaya Pradnyana.
  5. Have a part time job once every 2months.
  6. Praying the 5 daily prayers constanly (more is better).
  7. Read more, write more, watch less.
  8. Have a trip to Bali, Jogja and Balikpapan.
  9. Learn more about design and photograph.
  10. Excercise more, and take a healthy life.
Wish me luck and Happy New Year!

wish our love-life will be like Carl and Ellie, like our love will never dies.

Thank You, Love..

thank you for always be there for me,
thank you for loving me like i'm your life,
thank you for being my eyes when i couldnt see,
thank you for beeing my heart when mine stop beating,
thank you for letting me be the one for you..

You See What I See

i'm so happy when we're watching the same movie that we're really love to.
i adore you when you pretending to love my favorite tv's show.
i love when you rub my back when i'm crying like a child while watching some 'touching-scenes'.
i'm speechless when i realize that:
you are always be there, at the moment i really want you to be by my side.

oh it's just our life!

you take me to the start, then you bring me to the part we stickin' together.
you fallin' me down sometimes, then you blow me in the air with the love balloons.
you forget one thing, but then you surprise me with big things.
you make me mad, then we make up, oh it's just our life!

My Love for You is Like..

is like..



well, it's like..



okay, nothing in this world can express my Love for you, its too peculiar to describe..

If: Me Without You

kamu tahu seberapa besar aku butuh kamu?

seperti anak kecil yang butuh selimut dekilnya, dan aku ga bisa tidur tanpa kamu.
seperti pecandu yang selalu butuh obat2aannya, dan aku ga akan tenang tanpa kamu.
seperti nenek yang butuh gigi palsunya, dan aku ga bisa makan tanpa kamu.
seperti pelukis yang butuh inspirasi, dan aku akan mati gaya tanpa kamu..

Dan seperti setiap manusia yang butuh udara, karena aku ga akan bisa bernafas tanpa kamu..